Bitcoin In The Middle East

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Bitcoin In The Middle East
The Dubai-based firm said the company sees a huge potential in expanding through that region as a large segment of the population is unbanked.
A Financial Service For An Unbanked Market
At the moment, BitOasis purchases bitcoin through other markets and serves as a brokerage for users, however Co-founder Ola Doudin said her long term plan is that the firm will eventually open a cash-in, cash-out service in order to provide a financial service for the huge market that has previously been locked out of traditional banks.
When BitOasis first launched back in January, the company also rolled out a high security bitcoin wallet. Since then, it has signed on 15,000 users from Egypt, the UAE, Morocco, Tunisia, Indonesia and Malaysia.
Now you can get a free invitation, once you submitted your request the website will send to you back the confirmation link and it might take some time minutes or hours to receive it.
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