Cossacks Anthology for Windows 10

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The most of lovers for these games which it’s considered is an old game was working on windows XP, after that we have tried many tries to make it working on windows 7.

i will not write more about the technical issue but the solution is very simply by downloading the special version which it’s working on windows 7, 8 and 10.

Download from here for 5.99 USD

The game it can working up to maximum screen resolution and you have to setup it from the game option, i think you know it, don’t forget once you ahve installed the game, go to the file location and right click on the dmcr.exe and select the compatibility tab and then select Windows XP service Pack 3.

you have to do this to avoid any error issues in the future.

also this game working online, you can play it, and it’s supported by

any help i’m here to help you, just leave your feedback or comment.

Jalal Nasser

Web Developer and IT Support

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